I came in to see Sage because of her expertise in Women's Health.  I had recently gotten a diagnosis of cervical dysplasia and I knew that Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture could support my body in healing from it.  Sage was so helpful in coming up with a treatment plan for me that included acupuncture and herbs. She has a very grounded and compassionate presence which she always brought to our treatments.  I'm so happy that I pursued treatment with Sage and an alternative, holistic approach. I got great news at my last appointment with my OBGYN that my cervical dysplasia regressed and that my body had completely cleared HPV (which causes cervical dysplasia)!  Highly recommend!

~Brooke M.

Sage is a truly gifted and wonderful acupuncturist and herbalist. I came to Sage with hormonal, digestive and energy issues, and working with her has completely changed my health and my life. Sage is consistently attentive, patient, and responsive - I've been seeing her once a week for a few months and each session we tackle whatever has come up for me that week health-wise. She has used a mix of acupuncture and herbs to treat me, and I've seen a continual improvement that I did not even dream was possible beforehand. 

I cannot recommend her more highly. Seeing her and getting acupuncture is a highlight of my week - I always leave feeling more relaxed and better than when I walked in the door.

~Catie S.

I've been seeing Sage for acupuncture regularly for the past six months, and she has helped me immensely in balancing my emotions, hormones, and skin health. Sage's keen listening ear along with her amazing intuition and solid Chinese medicine background make me feel like I am in the best of hands. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family.

~Anna R.

Sage has saved me in my last few months of pregnancy! She is so attentive, a great listener, and really tries to solve any issues I'm having. She's very knowledgeable, really knows what she's doing, and has a great studio that makes me feel warm and relaxed. I always feel energized after leaving a session and can't recommend her enough.

~Meaghan C.

Sage has been such an amazing support throughout my pregnancy. I wanted to find a treatment that would be relaxing and wouldn't cause any additional soreness or pain. Sage treatments were just that and so much more. Every week I would go back to her with a different kind of pain from sciatica to hemorrhoids, anxiety, rib pain, and a bunch of other pregnancy related symptoms. She is so compassionate, calm and empathetic, and that made me look forward to our sessions each week. I fell asleep several times during the sessions and every time I felt such a relief right after. A lot of those pains would just go away right after our sessions and I would get the best night sleep the same day. It's such a relief to have found her!

~Laura M.

Sage is an amazingly knowledgeable and personable acupuncturist and herbalist, and I couldn't recommend her more. She's someone one can feel very comfortable with quickly, and her bedside manner in a treatment is lovely, way beyond that of many other practitioners I've gone to. I can sometimes have intense reactions to needles going in, and Sage was gentle but confident with them in a way that made the experience completely positive.

~Elle M.

Sage helped me with pregnancy side-effects: pain in my back and legs, low energy, anxiety, insomnia. She also prepared my body for birth. This was my second pregnancy and I was concerned about the baby being properly positioned and my body being in best shape for birth. It was important to me to have a natural birth without interventions and I believe Sage was instrumental in having a better pregnancy and a wonderful birth. I am a believer in her work and am recommending her to my friends!

~Sergeja E.