The acupuncture and herbal medicine practice of Sage Staggs, L.Ac.

Local practitioners that I recommend:

Astrology and energy medicine:  Rae Diamond

Birth Centers:  Pacifica Family Midwifery, Bay Area Midwifery

Birth Doulas:  Blythe Lee, Sannaz Keyhani, Elyse Schroeder

Chiropractic:  Ariel Provasoli, Kenda Burke and Armene Lamson

Childbirth Education:  The Good, the Bad, and the Baby

Constitutional Homeopathy:  Delilah Raybee

Craniosacral Therapy:  Ellen Mossman, Ursula Ferreira, Tomi Knutson, Kirstin Soares

Family support:  Oakland Birth and Wellness, Berkeley Parents Network, Our Family Coalition, Birthways, Then Comes Baby

Feldenkrais:  Margit Galanter

Holistic Pelvic Care:  Chanti Smith, Jeannie Achuff

Hypnobirthing:  Kathy Woo

IUI services:  Wombservice, Restore Midwifery, At Home Fertility, Partera Midwifery

Lactation Consultants:  East Bay Lactation Associates

LGBTQ Resources:  Oakland LGBTQ Center, Trans Birth, The Pacific Center, Gaylesta, Alphabet Sangha

Massage:  Liz Williams, Katie Sutherland

Mayan Abdominal Therapy:  Kristen Graser, Reed Kolber, Francine Madrid

Meditation:  East Bay Meditation Center, Spirit Rock

Midwives:  Marea Goodman, Kristen Graser, Morgan West, Kirstin Soares

Naturopaths:  Vera Singleton, Elizabeth Korza

Nutritionists:  Michelle Dwyer, Sara Russell

Perinatal Somatic Healing:  Prenatal, Birth, and Attachment Clinic

Personal Chef:  Natalie Wells

Physical Therapy:  Liz Williams

Pilates:  Tiffany Bennett, Leonore Deaton

Pospartum Doulas:  Elika Aird, Laura Howells

Postpartum Meals:  Mama Tong Soup, Kitchen Doula

Prenatal Massage: Tsadae Neway, Meghan Lewis

Prepared Food:  Three Stone Hearth

Therapists:  Tracy Davis Black, Meghan Lewis, Natashia Fuksman

Qigong:  Margit Galanter, Energy Matters

Skincare:  Pink Light Botanicals

Yoga:  Adeline Yoga

Apps and Websites:

Women's Health: Lara Briden, Aviva Romm

Cycle Tracking Apps:  Kindara, Clue, Fertility Friend, OvaGraph

Fertility Awareness:  Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Beautiful Cervix Project, The Cervical Mucus Project

Please contact me if you have suggestions for my resource list!



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