Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism

The acupuncture and herbal medicine practice of Sage Staggs, L.Ac.

Local practitioners that I recommend:

Astrology:  Rae Diamond

Chiropractic:  Ariel Provasoli, Kenda Burke

Constitutional Homeopathy:  Edi Pfeiffer

Craniosacral Therapy:  Ellen Mossman, Ursula Ferreira, Elsa Asher

Doulas (birth and postpartum):  Elika Aird, Laura Howells

Energetic Herbalism:  Lizanne Deliz

Feldenkrais:  Margit Galanter, Eveline Wu

Fertility Awareness Method:  Amber Dawn Hallet

Hypnobirthing:  Kathy Woo

Massage:  Rocco Foronda, Eleanor Ryburn, Tsaedae Neway, Lori Colombo

Mayan Abdominal Therapy:  Kristen Graser, Liz Brodsky

Midwives:  Marea Goodman, Kristen Graser, Morgan West, Chanti Smith

Naturopaths:  Aumatma Shah, Oshin Worthington

Nutritionists:  Michelle Dwyer, Sara Russell

Pelvic Care:  Chanti Smith, Amy Selinger and Jessica Manley, Sirena Masket

Personal chef:  Natalie Wells

Pilates:  Tiffany Bennett, Leonore Deaton

Qigong:  Margit Galanter



Local stockists and makers:





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(503) 939-1051