Local practitioners that I recommend:

Astrology and energy medicine:  Rae Diamond

Birth Centers:  Pacifica Family Midwifery, Bay Area Midwifery

Birth Doulas:  Blythe Lee, Sannaz Keyhani, Elyse Schroeder

Chiropractic:  Ariel Provasoli, Kenda Burke and Armene Lamson

Childbirth Education:  The Good, the Bad, and the Baby

Constitutional Homeopathy:  Delilah Raybee

Craniosacral Therapy:  Ellen Mossman, Ursula Ferreira, Tomi Knutson, Kirstin Soares

Family support:  Oakland Birth and Wellness, Berkeley Parents Network, Our Family Coalition, Birthways, Then Comes Baby

Feldenkrais:  Margit Galanter

Holistic Pelvic Care:  Chanti Smith, Jeannie Achuff

Hypnobirthing:  Kathy Woo

IUI services:  Wombservice, Restore Midwifery, At Home Fertility, Partera Midwifery

Lactation Consultants:  East Bay Lactation Associates

LGBTQ Resources:  Oakland LGBTQ Center, Trans Birth, The Pacific Center, Gaylesta, Alphabet Sangha

Massage:  Liz Williams, Katie Sutherland

Mayan Abdominal Therapy:  Kristen Graser, Reed Kolber, Francine Madrid

Meditation:  East Bay Meditation Center, Spirit Rock

Midwives:  Marea Goodman, Kristen Graser, Morgan West, Kirstin Soares

Naturopaths:  Vera Singleton, Elizabeth Korza

Nutritionists:  Michelle Dwyer, Sara Russell

Perinatal Somatic Healing:  Prenatal, Birth, and Attachment Clinic

Personal Chef:  Natalie Wells

Physical Therapy:  Liz Williams

Pilates:  Tiffany Bennett, Leonore Deaton

Pospartum Doulas:  Elika Aird, Laura Howells

Postpartum Meals:  Mama Tong Soup, Kitchen Doula

Prenatal Massage: Tsadae Neway, Meghan Lewis

Prepared Food:  Three Stone Hearth

Therapists:  Tracy Davis Black, Meghan Lewis, Natashia Fuksman

Qigong:  Margit Galanter, Energy Matters

Skincare:  Pink Light Botanicals

Yoga:  Adeline Yoga

Apps and Websites:

Women's Health: Lara Briden, Aviva Romm

Cycle Tracking Apps:  Kindara, Clue, Fertility Friend, OvaGraph

Fertility Awareness:  Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Beautiful Cervix Project, The Cervical Mucus Project

The Contraception Guide by Dr Jolene Brighten

Please contact me if you have suggestions for my resource list!


Sage has been such an amazing support throughout my pregnancy. I wanted to find a treatment that would be relaxing and wouldn’t cause any additional soreness or pain. Sage treatments were just that and so much more. Every week I would go back to her with a different kind of pain from sciatica to hemorrhoids, anxiety, rib pain, and a bunch of other pregnancy related symptoms. She is so compassionate, calm and empathetic, and that made me look forward to our sessions each week. I fell asleep several times during the sessions and every time I felt such a relief right after. A lot of those pains would just go away right after our sessions and I would get the best night sleep the same day. It’s such a relief to have found her!
— Laura M.